push here to enlarge The farm Corte Medaglie d'Oro is situated between San Benedetto and Quistello, aside the river Secchia at the foot of a wood. It is constructed around a pleasant yard. The first construction, a shed, dates from the beginning of the 18th century and constituted the basis for the later buildings. The stable and the hayloft in gothic-roman style are of appreciated architectural value; remarkable are the partitions and the columns of pink Veron marble of the stable and the particular windows of the hayloft. Because of the very small population during the Middle Ages rivers and torrents ran undisturbed through the territory and furthered the spreading of woods and marshes between the 5th and the 10th century.
Poplar, oak and willow forests, hedges, ditches, swamps and embankments dominated the landscape where some rare settlements were connected by a few paths. The landowner's house, build at the beginning of the 19th century, constitutes the heart of the farm's hospitality which management is in the hands of the descendants of that Bartolomeo Pietro Mondadori, nicknamed Bartolo, who transformed a wild and undeveloped area in a rich and blooming farm, more than once awarded for it's excellent fruit cultivation; hence it's name Court Golden Medals.
The territory of Corte Medaglie d'Oro presents slight ondulations due to the numerous watercourses descending from the Appennines that deposited here their debris. Ages ago the river Po split up in two branches that embraced the island of San Benedetto, a strip of earth where, in 1007, the monastery of Po-Lirone was founded, so called after the two branches of the river: the Old Po and the Lirone. push here to enlarge
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